Opening, event, 2018

The Playhouse Theatre, currently closed, has been described as the first theatre in the round to be ever built in the world (1951). In 1997 it was modified into a pseudo proscenium arch resulting in a new seating capacity--100 seats were simply concealed below the boards of the new stage area. In August 2018 I reopened the theater for a one night only event. That Saturday, 100 temporary employees were hired as actors from Pacesetters Personnel Services--a company which “recruits and transports workers for temporary general labor assignments”--to perform (in) an opening that was staged at the Playhouse. Currently, these labor halls negotiate labor between workers and online platforms like Amazon. This work aims to look at U.S. policies towards decentralization in the 1950’s and its correlations to current material counterparts of the global digital economy and racialized labour precarization.

Review by Francesca Fuchs here.