The Night With a K, video/sound, 12:15min, 2021

Semantic segmentation is an artificial intelligence process of identifying different areas in an image and attaching to them a class label: person, animal, vehicle, sidewalk, etc. This AI technology was initially created for military applications during the Gulf War. Currently, it is the core technology behind autonomous driving and it is in development for use in the film industry to quickly identify elements in a moving image in order to replace, change or erase them.

In order to train and refine artificial intelligence processes, areas in images are manually identified, outlined and labeled by online workers. Here, all the 878 frames of Lumiere’s film “Workers Leaving the Factory'' were uploaded onto an online labeling platform, which assigned those images randomly to online click workers around the globe. Each frame was identified, outlined and labeled individually by unique workers–878 in total.

The final result is an audio visual manifestation of a dream that transforms into a space of interpretation. A mixed dream about Lumière’s film “Workers Leaving the Factory’’ (1895) interpellated by new forms of online labor, and triggered by new artificial intelligence processes.